As your union president, I vow to LEAD our great organization in the following ways:

L – Listen

This is your union. If elected president I want YOU the member to shape the agenda.

*One-to-one member conversations to understand the issues facing you as an educator.

*Improved member communications so you can stay informed on issues affecting you while increasing building representative communications.
E – Engage

We can not do this alone. We must be seen in the community as an organization focused on what is best for all students.

*Join other child and youth focused organizations in setting a common agenda regarding public schools.

*Identify opportunities for our members to inform parents and community and business leaders about issues facing educators.

A – Advocate

Public schools are under attack and HCTA must be front and center in conversations about policy that effects our profession and our students.

*Create a strong HCTA political action committee to build a brand and bench for School Board and other local, elected officials.

*Work closely with our state and national association to develop an agenda to return public funds to public schools.

D – Deliver

Results matter. As your president I pledge to create value.

*Create a strategic plan for HCTA with clear goals and objectives tied directly to member priorities.

*Work with members across the district to achieve identified goals and regularly report on progress.